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“Few have the humility to look to the past and study what has already been done, but there isn’t modernity without knowledge and creativity without tradition.” This is the true spirit of TAVAT, a company that joins performance and design with great respect for tradition....

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22 Apr Blackfin: Deep Legacy

No need for words, images are enough to convey all the meaning locked into the new Blackfin eyewear collection. A new chapter in the story of the all-Italian titanium eyewear unfolds through the lens of the photographer Giovanni de Sandre, who, as always knows exactly...

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"The attention to detail is part of our brand identity." Etnia Barcelona produced glasses, which impress with their color, their comfort and their quality. For their first campaign video, they have paid attention to all the details. ...

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01 Sep FLEYE: Lightweight Danish glasses

How is it possible to design eyewear frames weighing only 6 grams? FLEYE is internationally known for designing eyewear frames as light as air. Have a look at the design process behind these Danish glasses....

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28 Aug Orgreen Optics presents “Dreams”

Orgreen is celebrating the summer with a trilogy of short films capturing highlights from some of the most talented Danish artists on the music scene. We are proud to show the second film trilogy aptly named "Dreams", featuring guitarist and vocalist Lisbet Fritze from Danish...

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26 Aug Andy Wolf: White Heat Video

Like entities from another planet, the gray-haired models with their ashen faces set the scene for the new ANDY WOLF eyewear campaign. The new products are really something this world has never seen. This season, the Austrian brand is introducing its first metal frames collection....

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14 May Making of Video: ZOO by Ulrich Hartmann

In Capetown two oceans meet - the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. The city combines cultural influences from Africa, Asia and Europe. The different cultural styles can be found in the varied cuisine, but also in architecture and fashion. The second -argest city in South...

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05 May Bob Sdrunk

Handmade in Italy and in love with detail – these are sunglasses by Bob Sdrunk. For friends of minimalist design and vintage fans...

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14 Mar Barton Perreira “Traffic”

The only thing cool about traffic is hopefully being in the comfort of your own car. What would make traffic better? To be able to get out of your car to actually meet that person you have been glancing over at for the past 45...

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